New Normal: Fashion + Health Safety

Masks?  We can style them too!

Rhezz TurMask can help you accomplish this fashion war. Floral turbans having matching masks are great to complement your fashion sense.

How do face masks help?

Facemask helps prevent us from a crucial station in the world. It helps to keep us away from this virus which is killing the world. This virus has taken the world to the verge of destruction. All the economies are destroyed. Life is stuck nowadays and it is better to keep your heart overwhelmed and motivated to see a better world outside.

What are the recommendations?

As per government and WHO SOP’s it is recommended to wear masks in public. N-95 is used for this perfectly, it is used for proper protection; such resources must be served for healthcare professionals on the front line. Cloth masks are also in trend as they also prevent you from this chronic disease. It is not a professional mask but it prevents you in public so as to look styled at the same time. As the supply of the masks grow, it seems reasonable for people to wear face masks if they need to be around others. You must go for Rhezz TurMask to get yourself in fashion with this pandemic situation. We have to exercise proper precautionary guidelines with keeping our feet with the modern world. This is the art of living, as life is only granted once and it’s better to live it fully.

Fashion and we:

Nowadays keeping yourself up to date is very important. As now we are moving in a depressing world, we have to keep our hearts motivated and happy. Fashion is a way to express yourself and a part to keep our soul up confident. Fashion brings our soul and body together. It keeps the body whelmed and reflects the glow in our faces.

Masks, a new dimension for fashion:

To an un-expected time the masks are the compulsory part of your attire. So why not get it trendy and make our masks look more colorful and heartwarming. Beautiful colors can elevate your mood and make you look fresh in these hours of chaos. Great fashion sense can help you look good and leaves a great impact to anyone you encounter. It is an art to make all the boring things look more fashionable and attractive. These floral prints can make you look fresh and confident.

Precautions and Covid-19:

WHO gives us the details of precautions which are given as:

  • If you feel symptoms isolate yourself at you in your house, avoid physical contact with anyone.
  • If you have fever cough or difficulty in breathing, seek medical attention but call by telephone in advance
  • Make sure you and people around you maintain the respiratory hygiene
  • Avoid touching the eyes and face.
  • Promoting social distancing
  • Avoiding the handshakes
  • Washing hands properly



And give your attire a new look with Rhezz TurMasks.

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